Erection of Three Dwellings, Warkton Lane, Kettering, NN15

Planning Reference:


Given the sensitivity of the proposed development (residential) a contaminated land planning condition was attached to the decision notice for the proposed development.

In order to determine if the site has the potential to be impacted by elevated concentrations of contamination a Phase I desk study report was prepared for the site.

The desk study report looks at the history of the site  using a combination of Ordnance Survey maps as well as aerial plates and street level imagery as well as information held by regulatory bodies (Environment Agency, local authority etc.).

The review of the O.S. maps indicated the site was developed circa 1968 when the site was occupied by a dwelling. An in-filled pond was noted to the south west of the site.


Data provided by regulatory bodies did not provide any further information.

On completion of the desk based assessment a site walkover survey was undertaken, this confirmed that the site was a dwelling and associated gardens.

A qualitative risk assessment was undertaken to assess the potential sources of contamination which determined that the potential for made ground on the site required further assessment.

Given the limited area where de ground could be present remediation in lieu of investigation was proposed.

The memo accepting the report (identified as ‘Approval of Condition Nos. 3, 6, 9, 10 & 11’) is available with the application documents.