Phase III Validation of Remediation

Phase III Remediation / Validation of Remediation

Where the Phase II report has identified the presence of pollution linkages on a site, recommendations on how to make the site ‘suitable for use’ will be proposed in the Phase II report (cover system on gardens, gas protection measures, specification of water mains etc.).

At the time of the preparation of the Phase II report details of how the remediation will be undertaken are generally not available and once the Phase II report has been accepted, the methodology of remediation should be agreed before the site works commence.

An implementation plan (Phase IIIa) is a detailed statement of how the remediation is going to be undertaken. Technical details of any material used will be included (membranes, sources of cover material etc.) in the plan for approval from the regulatory body as well as plans for sampling/monitoring visits.

Where materials are to be imported onto a site (cover system on a garden etc.), the materials will need to be subject to chemical analysis (dependent on the source of the material and the volume of material), the testing regime as well as the scope of the analysis is justified in the Phase IIIa Implementation Plan.

The Completion Report (Phase IIIb) is the last part to discharging the contaminated land planning condition, and usually cannot be discharged until the last stages of the development. The completion report is a collation of data and records that demonstrate the satisfactory completion of the remedial proposals in the Phase IIIa report.

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