Coal Mining Risk Assessment

Why Do I Need A Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA)

Under the withdrawn PPG 14 – Development on unstable land and the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) the Coal Authority are a consultee and can object to an application unless it can be demonstrated that the proposed development is suitable for the site.

Since July 2011 the Coal Authority have formalised their requirements in relation to land instability and planning and where a site is in a ‘Development High Risk Area’ (contains one or more recorded coal mining related features which have the potential for instability or a degree of risk to the surface from the legacy of coal mining operations) a Coal Mining Risk Assessment report will be required.

Contents of a Desk Study Report

This report is undertaken in line with guidance provided by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and includes the following:

  • Coal Authority Report (either residential or non-residential as appropriate);
  • Review of 1:50,000 BGS geological maps;
  • Review of large scale (1:10,000 or 6” to 1 mile) geological maps for the area
  • Review of BGS borehole section sheets;
  • Identification and qualitative assessment of coal mining risks
  • Assessment of the credible coal mining risks and proposals for mitigation measures / further works

For sites where there is a potential risk, a site investigation will be required, the scope of which will be agreed with the Coal Authority prior to commencement. Generally the requirement for a site investigation is achieved by attaching a condition to the planning decision notice and can be undertaken once approval has been given.

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