Phase II Site Investigation

Phase II Site Investigation Report

If it has not been possible to discount any potential risks through the desk study a second phase of assessment may be required to investigate the potential pollution linkages and to demonstrate the presence/absence of the pollution linkages.

The scope of the site investigation will be based on the findings of the desk study report, which will allow the Phase II works to be cost effective as the objectives of the site investigation will be clearly defined.

Demeter Environmental design and supervision all aspects of the site works using our trained and experienced staff. Current guidance on site investigation (BS10175:2011+A1:2013, BS5930:1999+A2:2010, CLR 11, CIRIA C665 etc.) are adhered to. Having full time supervision enables us to be able to make instant informed decisions based on the site conditions encountered as well as the option of undertaking in-situ analyses of the soils.

All sampling is undertaken during the site works, stored in cool boxes with ice packs and all samples remain under our direct custody until dispatch to the a fully accredited laboratory in accordance with current good practice.

The results of the chemical analyses are assessed in line with the most current guidance and risk assessment packages (CLEA v1.06, RBCA, BR Risc, P20, Gassim, Consim etc.) ensuring that the interpretation is always based on the most up to date models.

Where required, a program of site visits is undertaken for gas monitoring/sampling and water monitoring/sampling. Every effort is made to ensure that site visits are undertaken during periods of falling barometric pressure. A ground gas risk assessment is undertaken based on the monitoring results.

Prices for Phase II investigation are dependent on the findings of the desk study report and the ground conditions encountered during the investigation. For sites where we have not prepared the desk study report we can provide a an initial estimate and once we have obtained the approval from the council to the scope of the Phase II works a quotation can issued.

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