• Demeter Environmental Ltd.

    Demeter Environmental Ltd.

    Demeter Environmental Ltd is an established independent environmental consultancy providing services to developers and the construction industry. We strive to achieve an independent personal approach.

    From our offices in Liverpool and Brighton we provide out broad range of services across the UK.

  • Contaminated Land Planning Service

    Contaminated Land Planning

    Given the legacy of potentially contaminated land as a result of the industrial legacy of the UK, legislation was introduced to deal with potentially contaminated sites through the planning process. ...

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  • Phase 1 Desk Study Service

    Phase I Desk Study

    The desk study is the first stage of the site investigation process, it provides data on site history, ground conditions etc. to determine what further works (if any) are required....

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  • Phase 2 Site Investigation Service

    Phase II Site Investigation

    If the desk study had identified potential issues, a Phase II report may be required to investigate the site to demonstrate the presence/absence of the pollution linkages identified in the desk study....

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  • Phase 3 Validation of Remediation Service

    Phase III Validation of Remediation

    Where either the Phase II investigation has identified potential issues or where the desk study report has proposed remedial measures in lieu of intrusive (site investigation) works the site will require remediation....

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  • Coal Mining Risk Assessment Service

    Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA)

    Under the National Planning Policy Framework the Coal Authority is a consultee and can object to an application unless it can be demonstrated that the proposed development is suitable for the site....

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  • Geotechnical Site Investigation Service

    Geotechnical Site Investigation

    There are many unforeseen hazards in the ground that can only be identified by an appropriate ground investigation....

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