Conversion of an Electrical Contractors Store to a Dwelling, Scotton, North Yorkshire

Case Study Reference: 16-12-02

Planning Authority: Harrogate Borough Council

Planning Reference: Harrogate Borough Council and 16/05052/PWR


In order to support a prior approval application to convert an existing building to a dwelling a Phase I Desk Study report was required due to the sensitivity of the development and the past uses of the site.

A desk study determines what issues relating to historical contamination may affect the site, this is undertaken by reviewing the site history using a combination of O.S. maps, aerial, plates and street level imagery, a review of data held by regulatory bodies (Environment Agency, local authority, BGS etc.) as well as a site walkover survey.



As part of the desk based assessment, the historical O.S maps were reviewed and it was noted that the site was not developed until circa 1994, no potential sources of contamination were identified on the O.S maps.



The review of the environmental data and details provided by the Environment Agency and other regulators did not identify any other potential sources of contamination.



On completion of the desk based review a site reconnaissance visit was undertaken. Damaged cement sheeting and potential ACM’s was identified. The site was used for the storage of vehicles and materials relating to the compound.

The qualitative risk assessment identified the use of the building, the potential for asbestos fibres and made ground under the building as potential sources of contamination.

It was determined that remediation an alternative to site investigation was the more appropriate way forward and no further works were proposed. Whilst the desk study report was accepted by the local authority intrusive works were requested.