Erection of an Agricultural Workers Dwelling, Cheddington Lane, Long Marston

Case Study Reference: 12-05-05

Planning Authority: Dacorum Borough Council

Planning Reference: 4/02118/11/FUL and 4/01306/12/DRC


Given that the site had previously formed part of an airfield, a contaminated land planning condition was attached to the decision notice for the erection of an agricultural workers dwelling given that the proposed development was regarded as sensitive.

The first stage of discharging the condition was to prepare a desk study report to identify the potential issues relating to the site and the sensitivity of a number of potential receptors.

Using a combination of Ordnance Survey maps, aerial plates and street level imagery the history of the site was researched, the O.S. maps did not identify any development until the 1977 map

A review of data provided by both Groundsure and the Environment Agency did not reveal any further potential source of contamination.

An internet search revealed the site formed part of Cheddington Airfield which opened in March 1942 with anecdotal evidence to suggest ordnance was stored on the site.
A detailed review of information in the public domain revealed that the site was part of Cheddington Airfield, which opened in 1942 and had been used by both the RAF and USAAF.

On completion of the desk based exercise a site walkover survey was undertake, this revealed the site to be open land forming part of a game bird farm.

Whilst there was the possibility for the storage of ordnance on the site, which may have impacted site soils, given the time elapsed since the site was decommissioned (1952) the risk was concluded to be low and no further works were proposed.

The Desk Study Report was submitted in July 2012 (can be accessed via 4/01306/12/DC and identified as ‘Phase 1 desk study may 2012’ dated 17th July 2012).

The decision notice confirms the report was accepted and the condition discharged.