Erection of a Replacement 5 Bedroom Dwelling in Steep, Petersfield

Erection of a Replacement 5 Bedroom Dwelling, Steep, Petersfield

Case Study Reference: 09-04-01

Planning Authority: East Hampshire District Council

Planning Reference: East Hampshire District Council and 08/1421/FUL


A desk study was required as a contaminated land planning condition was attached to the decision notice (condition 6a – the decision notice can be accessed here). The condition was attached as historical maps held by Environmental Services show disturbed ground/potentially unknown in-filled ground within 50m of the site boundary.

As part of the desk study report both the site history was reviewed (using a combination of Ordance Survey maps, aerial plates and street level imagery) as well as information provided by regulatory bodies (*Environment Agency, local authority, British Geological Survey etc.)

The review of the site history revealed the site was developed between 1932 and 1970

The walkover survey confirmed the site comprised of a dwelling and associated gardens, and whilst the environmental data procured as part of the desk study identified a number of areas of in-filled land, they could not be located on the historical O.S. maps.

Data provided by the regulatory bodies indicated pits were present to the south west and west of the site, which could not be identified on the O.S. maps.

Hand held pits were excavated as part of the walkover survey which identified a thin layer of drift deposits over the chalk bedrock, based on the site observations the qualitative risk assessment in the report determined the risk from the potential in-filled land as sufficiently low not to warrant any further works/investigation.

The initial desk study report discounted the in-filled land identified, a revised desk study report was produced which assessed the risk from the in-filled land as very low, which did not require any further assessment / investigation.

The report was accepted by the local authority and the condition was discharged.

The desk study report is available on the East Hampshire Planning Portal ( idented as ‘Phase 1 Desk Study For Land’ dated 6th July 2009) with the memo accepting the report (identified as ‘Compliance With Condition 6’ dated 6th July 2009).