Land North Of Hornfield Cottage High Broadgate Tydd St Giles Cambridgeshire

Residential Development on Former Farm at Tydd St Giles, Cambridgeshire

Case Study Reference: 11-03-07

Planning Authority: Fenland District Council

Planning Reference: F/YR08/0513/F and F/YR11/3028/COND


Demeter Environmental Ltd was commissioned to prepare a Phase I Desk Study Report to support the planning application (:F/YR08/0513/F) for residential development at High Broadgate. Tydd St Giles, Cambridgeshire.

The site was comprised of a barn and open land which at the time of the walkover survey was being used as a garden.

Initially the site was formed by open land, a pond was present on the eastern area of the site, which was infilled between 1950 and 1974.  By 1974 the site had been developed and comprised of an access road and two buildings on the north western area of the site. By 1995 the smaller buildings had been demolished.

Initially the site boundaries were formed by open land to the north, west and northeast. The southern boundary was formed by a residential plot and the eastern boundary by High Broadgate.  By 1995 the north eastern boundary was formed by two residential plots.

A number of ponds were identified within 250m of the site on the 1888 map. A further pond is identified on the 1927 map 180m north of the site, which was in-filled between 1950 and 1974. Two orchards were identified on the 1927 map 160m west and 250m south west. No further potentially contaminative land uses were identified.

Whilst the conceptual model identified potential sources of contamination, the qualitative risk assessment demonstrated that the risk posed by the potential sources did not warrant further works.

The desk study report was submitted in 2011 (F/YR11/3028/COND). The desk study report can be accessed here, and the decision notice discharging the contaminated land planning condition here.


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