Residential Development of Garden Plot, Roscow Avenue, Bolton

Case Study Reference: 11-01-04

Planning Authority: Bolton Council

Planning Reference: 85188/10 and Memo Accepting Desk Study Rpeort


In order to discharge the contaminated land planning condition attached to the decision notice, Demeter Environmental Ltd were commissioned to prepare a Desk Study Report for the site. The site had formed part of the garden of 42 Roscow Avenue.

The site was subject to a walkover survey, which confirmed the site was part of the garden of 42 Roscoe Avenue.

Two hand held trial its were excavated on the site as part of the walkover survey, which revealed that the topsoil was underlain by Devensian Till and that there was no evidence of made ground on the site.

The off site sources of ground gases (in-filled ponds) were visited during the walkover survey to determine if they were credible sources of contamination.

The site initially formed part of a larger piece of open land. The site was developed between 1910 and 1927 when the site was occupied by an end of terrace dwelling.

From 1890 to 1910 the site boundaries are formed by open land. On the 1927 map the southern and eastern boundaries are formed by residential buildings, the western boundary is formed by Roscow Avenue and open land to the north. By 1949 the northern boundary is formed by Bannister Street. No further significant changes were discerned.

A number of ponds were identified on the first edition (1890) O.S map, 120m north east, 90m north east (both infilled circa 1930), 220m east (infilled circa 1968), 220m west (infilled circa 1949), and 70m south (infilled 1910).

A grave yard was identified on the 1890 map 60m south west of the site and is present on the 2010 maps.

A garage is present 210m south east of the site from 1949 and is identified until 2010.

Based on the information obtained from the walkover survey and the held held trial pits the potential sources of contamination identified in the report could be discounted, hence the report proposed that no further works were necessary.

The report was submitted to the local authority and was accepted. A watching brief was required to ensure that any unexpected contamination was dealt with.


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