Former Pumping Station Beeching Way Wallingford OX10 0TG

Residential Conversion of a Former Pumping Station, Beeching Way, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Case Study Reference: 13-10-03

Planning Authority: South Oxfordshire District Council

Planning Reference: P14/S0006/DIS and P15/S0340/DIS


Based on the previous use of the site and the industrial legacy of the adjoining land a contaminated land planning condition was attached to the decision notice for the proposed development.

As the adjoining land had been redeveloped as part of the walkover survey the council offices were visited to review the site investigation / remediation reports for the adjoining land. These reports identified that remediation was undertaken to break pollution linkages identified on the adjoining land but did not specify if the subject site was remediated, and if had been remediated the acceptance criteria was above current thresholds.

The desk study proposed a site investigation to determine if the site had been remediated and to assess the suitability of any imported materials that had been brought on.

The Phase II report identified an area of elevated contamination, and as the area was to be covered b hard-sanding all pollution linkages would be broken and the report concluded that no further remediation was required.

The desk study report can be accessed from here and the Phase II report here. Confirmation of the acceptance of the desk study report can be accessed here.

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