29 Greenway Harold Park Romford

Replacement Dwelling, Harold Park, Romford, Havering

Case Study Reference: 11-05-04

Planning Authority: London Borough of Havering

Planning Reference: P0761.14 and Q0081.15


Due to the sensitive (residential) nature of the development the London Borough of Havering attached a contaminated land planning condition tot he decision notice for the site.

The site comprised of a single story dwelling and associated garden areas, as part of the walkover survey a number of hand held rial pits were excavated demonstrating the absence of made ground on the site.

The historical review identified that the site was open land prior to the erection of the current dwelling and two in-filled ponds were present within 250m of the site, the in-filled ponds were discounted as credible sources of contamination in the qualitative risk assessment.

The desk study report was accepted by the planning authority and the condition discharged.

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