Land Comprising Field At Grid Reference 434038 459661 Market Flat Lane Scotton North Yorkshire

Prior Notification for Change of Use From Agricultural to Residential, Market Flat Lane, Scotton, North Yorkshire

Case Study Reference: 15-09-09

Planning Authority: Harrogate Borough Council

Planning Reference: 15/03027/PBR and 15/04529/DISCON


In order to support the prior notification for the change of use of the agricultural building a desk study report was required to determine if there was any potential issues relating to contamination in the site soils.

The historical review undertaken as part of the desk study report identified that the site was undeveloped to circa 2002 when the agricultural building was erected . Two former quarries and a refuse tip were also identified on the O.S. maps within 250m of the site.

As part of the site walkover survey the quarries and refuse tip were investigated and the based on the walkover observations the risk posed by ground gas being generated by the quarries / refuse tip were regarded as very low.

The absence of any on site potential sources of contamination, the desk study concluded that either gas protection measures should be incorporated into the building or gas monitoring should be undertaken.

The desk study report was submitted as part of 15/04529/DISCON, which can be accessed here, and the memo accepting the desk study report here.

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