Erection of Vehicle Maintenance and Welfare Offices at South Essex Crematorium

Case Study Reference: 09-09-01

Planning Authority: London Borough of Havering

Planning Reference: P0906.09


As part of the decision notice a contaminated land planning condition was attached due to the presence of in-filled land within 250m of the site and the close proximity of a crematorium to the development site.

A geotechnical site investigation report was submitted with the application, which was insufficient to discharge the contaminated land planning condition – no desk study report, chemical analysis or sufficient gas monitoring in line with guidance).

Demeter Environmental was commissioned to prepare a desk study report in line wit current guidance in order to discharge the condition.

The development area comprised on two glass houses mobile office and a brick building used for plant/chemical storage. The development area formed part of South Essex Crematorium.

The geotechnical information from the previous reports for the development site was used to further refine the preliminarily conceptual model, and whilst a number of potential sources of contaminated were identified, the risk assessment discounted all potential sources.

The desk study report was accepted by the local authority and the condition was discharged. The desk study report can be accessed form the planning portal (identified as ‘Supporting Statement Monday October 12, 2009’)

  • Head Office

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  • Brighton Office

    Gemini House
    136-140 Old Shoreham Road Brighton
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