Erection of an Agricultural Workers Dwelling, Westleton Road, Darsham, Suffolk

Case Study Reference: CS20-02-06

Planning Authority: East Suffolk Council

Planning Reference: DC/19/3887/FUL and DC/20/1337/DRC


As part of the internal consultation process prior to approval of the planning decision the Environmental Health Officer (Consultee response 11/10/2019) indicated at as the proposed end use was sensitive (residential) and as such a contaminated land planning condition was attached to the planning decision notice, the memo stated that ‘As a minimum a Phase 1 study will be required’.






In order to discharge the contaminated land planning condition Demeter Environmental Ltd were commissioned to prepare a desk study report for the site,

The review of the site history (using Ordnance Survey aps as well as environmental data) indicated that the site was developed between 1999 and 2005 when the buildings associated with the game farm were identified on aerial plates.

A number of ponds and a pit were identified, all  were discounted as credible pathway as there was no evidence of in-filling.

On completion of the desk based review the site was subject to a walkover survey, which revealed the site as being an open parcel of land with a number of bird sheds along the western boundary.

The qualitative assessment concluded that there were no credible sources of contamination on the site and that no further works were warranted.The desk study report was submitted to discharge the contaminated land planning condition (DC/20/1337/DRC) the report is published in three sections alongside with the memo from the Environmental Officer accepting the desk study report and recommending the discharge of the contaminated land planning condition.

The desk study report can be accessed through application DC/20/1337/DRC and is identified as ‘Desk Study; dated 31st March 2020.