Coal Mining Risk Assessment for the Erection of a Dwelling, Falkirk, FK1

Case Study Reference: 15-06-13

Planning Authority: Falkirk Council

Planning Reference: P/11/0122/FUL and P/14/0541/PPP


As the proposed development site was in an area where coal mining legacies may impact on ground stability a Coal Mining Risk Assessment was required to support the application for the erection of a dwelling.

As part of the assessment a Coal Authority report was procured which indicated that the site was in an area where coal may be close or at the surface, this was confirmed by the review of the large scale geological maps as well as the Coal Authority plans for Falkirk.

Five BGS boreholes were available from the area around the site, the sections sheets indicated that coal would be present close to the surface.

It was concluded that the potential risks should be investigated or appropriate remedial measures are incorporated into the building design.


A revised application was submitted in 2014 for the same site (P/14/0541/PPP ), hence an updated CMRA was required for the new development, the recommendations of the revised report were unchanged from the first assessment.

The recommendations of the report were accepted and the Coal Authority removed their objection, and permission was granted.

The Coal Mining Risk Assessment can be accessed vias the documents tab for the application (P/14/0541/PPP) and is identified as ‘(approved) coal mining risk assessment’.